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Cancer 2017 Horoscope

Cancer 2017 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Cancer Zodiac Sign 2017


In 2017, there are hard times ahead in society, but Cancer is ready to help and to insist on compassion.

       MC (Medium Coeli) is always in Cancer of the New Year horoscope, as long as we stick to the present calendar. That in itself means every Cancer feels quite in tune with how society as a whole would like to see itself.

       You can say that society wants to be like the typical Cancer traits caring, protective and benevolent. It's far from always the case, but that is where society as a whole wants to go, or at least wants to regard itself as heading for.

       It's complicated.

The Direction of Society

The sun's position in the New Year horoscope is also a returning feature, never differing more than a degree from year to year, and usually less. So, its opposition aspect (180) to MC happens just about every year.

       It was more dramatic a couple of years ago, when Pluto was in conjunction with the sun, adding a lot of drama to the constellation. Then main events happened contrary to Cancer's wishes and completely independent of Cancer's efforts.

       In 2017, like last year, the sun is alone in opposing MC. So, it would mean very little if Cancer were not void of planets at the time. But when very little happens, even that becomes important.

       And because it is in the New Year horoscope, Cancer will feel the influence of this aspect all through 2017. Beyond this year, too, until something more significant happens like a major planet entering Cancer.

       The influence is rather vague. Cancer is continuously estranged to what seems to be the sign of the times. Society is in the process of reconstructing itself, and Cancer is not completely cool with the direction it is heading. Too much materialism, and too little concern for human values and compassion.

       And Cancer is the first one to see through the hypocrisy of society, when it boasts about guarding Cancer values while often doing the exact opposite.

       So, every Cancer has a gnawing sense of unease regarding the development of society. But they just have to live with it.

Cancer Brings Solace to the Fearing and Threatened

The opposition to the sun will remain in every New Year horoscope until our world decides to change its calendar, but other aspects to MC in Cancer come and go. In 2017 there are as many as three, which is quite a lot: a sextile (60) to the Moon Node in Virgo, a square (90) to the Ascendant in Libra, and a trine (120) to the conjunction of Neptune and Mars in Pisces.

The 2017 World Horoscope
The complete 2017 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at New Year 2017. Click on it for a bigger image. Click this link to read more about:

The 2017 World Horoscope

       The last aspect mentioned is the most important one, since it is to two powerful planets combined in a conjunction. Mars and Neptune in Pisces speak of fear and threats - perhaps imagined, perhaps not. The whole world enters a fearful time this year. Of course Cancer can feel it - very much. But what to do?

       The trine aspect shows that Cancer actually finds comfort in trusting the good in people. And not only that - Cancer is able to give comfort also to others. It is in a time of crisis that Cancer excels. There is need for that in 2017. Behind fear is good will for the better, and beyond threat is the urge for a solution. A trying time can be a time of improvement. Cancer is dedicated to help make that happen.

       The sextile to the Moon Node says sort of the same, since the Moon Node is connected to the Neptune and Mars conjunction with an opposition aspect. Cancer sees where the world is heading, and is prepared to do anything to help.

       These aspects also work on a personal level. Cancer is aware of serious problems in the private sphere, though not really personally struck by them - mostly. But Cancer certainly gets very involved in the healing processes called for. A lot of it seems to have to do with unemployment. Friends and acquaintances see their jobs at risk.

       As for the square to the Ascendant of the 2017 New Year horoscope, it is really a recurring aspect because of our calendar. Still, its rapid movement through the Zodiac makes it worth considering also in this year's horoscope.

       It sort of repeats Cancer's unwillingness to conform to the direction society is heading. Cancer does not want to be what society seems to expect of everyone. Cancer claims the right to be different, because society in general seems to cherish principles but forget about compassion. The one without the other can lead to mayhem. So, Cancer persists with a perspective that is foremost compassionate. It leads to repeated conflicts with others, as well as with what is famously called the politically correct. But Cancer is not easily convinced and no pushover.

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